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Traditions January 2, 2010

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We just finished celebrating Christmas. (Four Christmases in four days, but who’s counting?) And for my b/g twins that were born 4 days AFTER Christmas, this was their first one.  They are our only babies, so I have been spending the last month (okay, twelve months) thinking about what kind of traditions I want to start as a family.  I still don’t know what else we will add.  We did 3 gifts (something to read, something to wear, and something to play with).  We read the Christmas story from our Jesus Storybook Bible on Christmas Eve before bed.  We went to Christmas Eve service as a family.  We made crescent cheesecake breakfast Christmas morning (okay…so that was for mom and dad and not babies).  Each baby had their own wrapping paper.  But that’s it!  And I want something special and unique!
So share, what types of traditions do you have with your multiples?


2 Responses to “Traditions”

  1. Mandy Says:

    I love the idea of different wrapping paper for each baby! I’ll definitely incorporate that into our holiday next year…thanks!

  2. […] love the idea that Jenny posted last year, about her B/G twins each having their own wrapping paper.  While I […]

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