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Recap of March Meeting March 25, 2010

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We are beyond thrilled with the turnout and support that is coming from BGMoMs.  And it’s all because of you ladies!  So, if you are reading this and you have yet to join us, you are definitely missing out!

At our March meeting, we enjoyed a panel discussion with a MoM of 22 year old fraternal twin girls and 28 year old identical twin girls.  (We also had a sister of twins and another MoM and her twins planning on coming, but unfortunately at the last minute they weren’t able to make it work with their schedule.)  We enjoyed dicussion and question-and-answer time wtih these “experts,” as they shared authentically about their experiences.  I know I (Jenny) left with so many thoughts and things stirring around in my head that I was still talking about them with my husband just yesterday!  So much to chew on!  BIG thanks to Sharron, Julie, and Jeanne for being with us and being honest about the ever-complicated world of multiple-dom and everything that comes with it!

One of the biggest challenges (I think) about being a MoM is that ever-delicate balance of nurturing the unique and special bond between multiples, while also encouraging and fostering individuality.  We spent a lot of time here on Sunday, talking and processing through how as MoMs we can really do that.  We are going to further this discussion at our next meeting, so be sure to join us!  We’ll be hearing from a professor of child psychology from WKU!  It will be Sunday, April 25 at 2 pm in the Medical Center Conference Room (not the Auditorium where we have been meeting).

Check the “Upcoming Events” tab at the top for more upcoming meeting dates and topics!


Birth Order March 15, 2010

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I was reading an interview with a fellow twin mom on the Multiples and More blog a couple of days ago.  One of the questions was, “These days, a lot of multiples parents are opting not to tell anyone which baby was born first to avoid any kind of stereotyping that goes along with birth order ‘characteristics’. Will you tell your kids? What do you think about this?”

At first I laughed at the thought of this.  But slowly, over the next couple of days, I started to sweat.

Baby A’s name starts with the letter “A”, and Baby B’s name starts with the letter “B”…inspiration, you might say, from the labels on the ultrasounds.  We’ve made it no secret that A was born first, followed two minutes later by B.  (I had labeled the right side of my belly “A” and the left side “B”.  I don’t know what I would have done had B been delivered first.  Could my OCD-self have handled non-alphabetized babies???)

Our girls are fraternal – “VERY” fraternal, I like to say, as they don’t look much alike.  Nonetheless, I tend to keep things separated by alphabetical order.  A always sits to the left of B (with me facing them).  A’s toothbrush is on the left side of the sink, and B’s is on the right.  Which crib is A’s?  The one on the left, of course.

I try to be very conscious about giving the babies equal attention and appealing to their individual needs, but this article has started me thinking. “Am I predisposing A to being the ‘leader’, and B to taking a back seat?  Will A feel like she’s entitled to the upper hand because she happened to be born first?”  Great…another psychological scar I must try to avoid!

In all seriousness, I think that my alphabetizing is just an organizational vehicle, but it’s definitely an area in which I’ll pay a little closer attention.

Has anyone kept secret their multiples’ birth order?  And if not, do you ever wish you had?



Product Review: Baby Signing Time March 8, 2010

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Because of my son’s cleft lip/palate, he has been receiving early intervention speech services since he was 5 months old.  About that time, our speech language pathologist (SLP) recommended that we do baby sign language with him to reduce frustration in times of communicating.  Of course, what we do with one, we do with the other, so my daughter was  joining along this journey (whether she liked it or not).

It was a little bit easier to incorporate everyday words into sign once they started solids at 6 months.  We worked on eat, milk, mom, and dad.  Except I felt really intimidated with teaching sign, since I don’t know anything at all.  I know that it is only 4 words, but for some reason I still felt silly.  So I was pretty lax with it all, so it comes at no surprise that we didn’t see any output from either baby when it came to signing things.

Most of his early intervention goals for that time period involved feeding and milestones, such as crawling.  He met those and in his 12-18 month time period our SLP made it very clear that we were going to hit speech HARD.  So it was time to really bump up the signing.

I had read about “Baby Signing Time” on the Multiples and More! blog (linked at the right).  I looked into it and thought it looked like a great way to not only teach the babies signs, but also make me more comfortable with it.  So I put it on our wish list, and for Christmas we received the Baby Signing Time Full Collection.


-4 Baby Signing Time DVDs

-4 Baby Signing Time CDs

-4 sets of Baby Signing Time Flash Cards

– Good Night Baby CD

I can’t rave about this series enough!  Right after the craziness of the holidays and the Big First Birthday, I started watching Disc 1 with the kiddos.  They were enthralled by it!  The baby-friendly viewing is right around 25 minutes, and there are cute little songs and babies showing the sign of the word.  Kate and Spencer are all about it!

I then gained more confidence to use the words outside of the video time, and I was so impressed with how quickly they caught on.  I think I saw the first sign after 2 weeks of watching the video every day!  And since then, it has just skyrocketed.   I have now seen the signs for dog, cat, bird, duck, eat, drink, cereal, milk, more, all done, baby, fish, juice, cracker, please, airplane, and monkey!  It’s not that I’m looking for Kate and Spencer to be completely fluent in signing, but once we learn new signs, we just keep using them!  And this is just from Disc 1.  I am so thrilled with the progress, and know that it has helped with verbal speech as well.  I can see they understand that each thing has a name, and they know what name is attached to what sign.  In fact, we were walking to the car yesterday and the neighbor’s dog started barking.  We couldn’t see the dog, just hear him.  Almost immediately, both babies started patting their leg (sign for “dog”) and trying to say “doggie!”  It was thrilling!

If you are considering doing baby sign language, this is a fantastic resource.   You definitely don’t need this stuff to teach your little ones signing.  But it was incredibly helpful for someone like me, who knew nothing!!

Check out for more information!


Make-Ahead Mama March 4, 2010

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Shortly after the girls came home from the hospital, I feared my husband and I would never eat a “real” meal again.  When the delectable gravy train of home cooked meals from friends and neighbors slowed to a halt, Hubby and I found ourselves standing in front of the refrigerator, deciding between (yet another) ham sandwich or a frozen stir-fry meal-in-a-bag.  While I anticipated some degree of “camping out” with two newborns in the house, I was afraid I would never again have the time or energy to prepare anything more.

Once upon a time, I loved to cook….to spend a couple of hours chopping and dicing, sautéing and simmering….to put a three course meal, perfectly presented, on the table for Sunday evening dinner.  I have come to the realization that it’s going to be a while before I can enjoy the luxury of engrossing myself in kitchen heaven for hours on end.  But I am proud to say that we’re eating more than ham sandwiches, and I’ve found my passion for cooking again, although in a much different light.

The crock pot is one of my new best friends.  I try to coordinate the “turn-on” time with morning nap, and, with any luck, I can serve up a nice hot meal after I feed the girls supper.  I have become the master of make-ahead casseroles.  I love being able to assemble a dish the previous night, and then pop it in the oven an hour before dinner.  And on the rare occasions when I do cook something “fresh”, I cut down on my time in the kitchen by doing the prep work….my beloved chopping, dicing, and sautéing….ahead of time.

Yes, we eat a lot of one-dish meals these days, but at least they’re not all out of a bag from the freezer.  There’s something I find really satisfying about being able to pull it all together.  But rest assured, I do reserve the right to serve up a delicious ham sandwich now and again….which I think is more than fair for a mom of multiples!

How do you manage to keep your brood fed?



Top 5 for the First 5 March 1, 2010

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A great friend of mine is expecting her first child, a precious baby girl, in a few short weeks.  For a shower gift, I wanted to give her something useful.  I remember back to our baby(er…babies?) showers and the ridiculous generous amount of gifts that we were given.  (We had 5 showers in total…it was crazy.)  But somehow, after the babies were born, we were somehow still sending family members on multiple trips to Wal-Mart to pick up some must needed items.  Those were the things I tried to think about giving to my friend to prepare for Baby Girl’s arrival.  So I themed the gift, “Top 5 for the First 5,” and told her these were the top 5 things that helped us survive the first 5 days, or less specifically, the transition to first-time parenthood.

1.  Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe blanket.  Mandy mentioned these in an earlier post, and I just have to back her up on this one.  This was the only swaddling blanket that worked for our two.  And we tried several.  We ended up buying 6 in total of these so we’d always have clean ones, because we surely weren’t putting the babies to bed without it!  And actually, when our little man was fighting some serious gas and reflux, swaddling him in this blanket was the only way he’d eat at times.

2.  Infant Gas Drops – Speaking of gas and reflux…these gas drops were our saving grace.  Once we figured out they existed.

3.  Hooded Towel – those baths (especially sponge baths!) can be traumatic for a newborn!  Okay, maybe traumatic is too harsh of a word, but mine hated them.  Well, really they hated at the end when they were wet and cold.  A hooded towel and some snuggles from Momma (and Daddy, in our case) went a long way.

4. Lanolin cream – for any mom who intends on nursing, this is a must-have.  It can be hard on your body, and this makes that learning process (and all you who have done it know it’s definitely a learning process!) a tad bit more….comfortable.

5.  Books – On this one, I told my friend that really this wasn’t a necessity for the first five days.  But it surely is never too early to start reading to your little one(s) and building that love for language at the earliest of days.  And in my opinion, there is not many things I enjoy more than grabbing one of my babies, pulling them in my lap, and reading them a book.  (Now my daughter is at the age where she brings the book to me!  Over….and over….and over….)

What would you give to another mom (or MoM!) as your “Top 5 for the First 5?”