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Go-To Foods on the Go May 14, 2010

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We usually go out to eat a couple of times a week, but the majority of the time, I feed the girls before we leave home.  While my husband and I eat our meal, I will give the girls some variety of Gerber Puffs or Cheerios, or sometimes they’ll sample a little bit of food from our plates.

On the occasions when I need to feed the girls away from home, I usually look on the menu for some type of grilled chicken or fish, along with pasta or steamed vegetables.  I’m always afraid that they won’t like it, though, so I try to take along a back-up meal, just in case.

For this meal, I pull from the list of the girls’ go-to foods that don’t have to be heated.  Some of our favorites are fresh avocado, fresh fruit, cheese, bread, and yogurt.

I serve the avocado at room temperature, and I carry a knife with me to peel it and dice it.  I take a small cooler bag with diced fresh fruit and string cheese.  (I like to use the coolers made for bottles as they fit nicely in our diaper bag.)  I also take whole wheat sandwich rounds.  That’s one type of bread that our girls prefer fresh, whereas they eat loaf bread better if it’s toasted.  I also carry Gerber yogurt, as it doesn’t have to be refrigerated.

With a back-up plan in place, I can maintain the girls’ healthy diet, and I don’t have to worry that they might be hungry.

What are your go-to foods when you’re on the go?



Moving On Up (Reluctantly) May 6, 2010

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At 15 months old, our girls were still in their infant car seats.  They were within the allowable height and weight, but I couldn’t help but feel that they were becoming uncomfortable.  I was also a little uncomfortable when someone would peer around the canopy as they asked, “How old are they?”  When I would reply, I got some surprised looks, people surely expecting younger babies.

We bought the girls’ convertible car seats months ago, during a particularly good sale event, but they had been taking up considerable closet space for quite some time.  I just couldn’t bring myself to part with the convenience of packing and unpacking the babies in the comfort of my kitchen, and then simply whisking them out to the car, all ready to go.  I was also hesitant at how I would manage to take the girls the few places that are not stroller-accessible, like the pediatrician’s office.  (Yes, even weighing an average of 20 pounds each, I would still lug two infant carriers at times!)

We finally cut ties with the infant seats a couple of weeks ago, and things are actually going pretty well.  The girls seem so much more comfortable in the car, and I’m getting faster at buckling one baby in the car and then running back in for the other one (waiting patiently [at least sometimes!]) in the pack-and-play.

I have yet to take the girls somewhere by myself that’s not stroller-accessible, though.  That will be another true test of my “mother of multiples” skill set.  And when the day comes, if you happen to see me holding two little girls by the waistbands who are trying desperately to run in different directions, I promise it won’t make me uncomfortable if you offer to lend a hand.  J