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First Annual BGMoMs Summer Picnic: A Wet Success! June 29, 2010

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Thanks to everyone who made it out for the picnic yesterday! We missed those of you who
weren’t able to join us!
Despite the unseasonably warm June weather we’ve been experiencing, we had a great shady spot at the park, coupled with a wonderful breeze. (That same wonderful breeze blew in a shower towards the end of the picnic, but it was nice while it lasted!)
We enjoyed some great food, fun, and fellowship with our fellow families of multiples. It was so nice to see everyone’s beautiful children in person, after seeing pictures and hearing stories about them for the past several months. It was fun to see the kiddos playing together, and it was neat to see some of the dads comparing notes, too.
Hop over to the Facebook page to see some snapshots of the action. And be sure to check out the article in the Bowling Green Daily News. We hope this exposure will help us reach even more MoMs

Readers are Leaders…right? June 27, 2010

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Product Review: Priddy Books

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, I thought our kiddos would never have an appreciation for books…well, at least not in the traditional sense.  From about 12 to 14 months of age, our girls seemed to devour books…as in, literally eat them.  I was frustrated.  I wanted them to have stacks and stacks of books at their disposal, but I finally had to remove all the books from the playroom unless I was holding a book myself – at a safe distance from the babies.

The girls finally began to mellow out around books a couple of months ago.  I think one of the keys to this was finding the types of books that they really enjoyed looking at.  We have fallen in love with the Priddy book series.

Priddy makes a wide variety of books for kids of all ages.  The books we began with are the Baby Board Books.  The books are of a sturdy construction, and the pictures are very straight-forward.  They have simple one-word descriptions beneath each picture, perfect for building vocabulary.

We also have a couple of the First Experiences books, which are written to help introduce children to ideas like “Going to the Park”.  They follow a loose storyline, but the pictures and descriptions can also stand alone.

Finally, our library also includes a couple of the Touch and Feel books.  Again, the pictures are great, and our girls love to “pet” the animals.

The Priddy books have allowed us reintroduce books as part of the girls’ play.  We read to them, and they also like to look at the books themselves.  We’ll definitely be adding more Priddy books to our bookshelf.

What are some of your children’s favorite books?



Road Trip! June 24, 2010

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Well, we did it.

And BK (before kids) I swore I never would.

We took a family vacation to Disney.  With 2 not-quite 18 month olds.

And lived to tell about it.

Okay, actually we had a BLAST and the kiddos did so much better than I ever could have imagined!!

Here are my tips for successful travel with little ones:

1.  Travel during sleeping times.

For shorter trips, we like to leave right at nap time, so they nap in the car, and are ready to go when we arrive at our destination.  That’s what we did for the first leg of our journey, which was about 4-5 hours to Atlanta, where we spent the first 3 days.  Then, when we traveled from Atlanta to Orlando (8 hours) we left at 3 am, stopped at 8 for breakfast, and kept going. The babies did SOOOO GREAT! Not one moment of fussing! Then, to come home (12 hours) we left at 6 pm, changing the kiddos into their pajamas before leaving.  Made it home at 5 am, transferred them to their cribs, and they went back to sleep!  It’s a little harder on the parents, but totally worth it to avoid meltdowns.

2.  Loosen up your expectations.

My husband and I went to Disney on our honeymoon. That’s just the type of people we are. We did it all and had so much fun! I remember very vividly walking around Magic Kingdom and hearing some kid throw a fit.  I turned to my new husband and said, “How can they be crying? This is the happiest place on Earth!  We are totally not taking our kids here until they can appreciate it.” Well, so much for that.  Kate and Spencer won’t remember this trip, but I will.  And it wasn’t the same trip my husband and I took 4 years ago.  But we knew it wouldn’t be, and planned for that.  It was so much fun!  Every bit of fun I saw my babies having made it that much more special.

3.  Research what your kids are able to do.

Before hand, I looked around to see what we would be able to do with 2 18-month olds in tow, and planned to make those must-have items for each day.  We saw a lot of animals (aquariums, Sea World, Animal Kingdom, Mickey Mouse, etc.) and looked for kid-friendly rides where we could all enjoy them together.  It gave us a break from the heat, and a chance to experience things as a family.  Kate and Spencer loved the safari at Animal Kingdom and It’s A Small World at Magic Kingdom!

4. Build in a rest day.

Let’s face it.  Vacation takes a lot out of you, even as adults. How many of us have needed “a vacation from our vacation?” after returning home?  We built in a rest day in the middle of the week to detox.  This allowed for a nap in a real bed (okay, a pack-n-play) and air conditioning all day (except for our 1 hour pool time in the morning).  I think we all appreciated a taste of normalcy.

5. Enjoy it, and take lots of pictures.

Like I said before, depending on the age of your kiddos, they might not remember you fun-filled family vacation that you worked so hard to plan. But you will.  And it makes your heart happy.  Seeing my babies blow kisses at Mickey and Minnie and watching my daughter sign every animal she could think of during a safari made WORTH IT.

What are your tips?



Reminder – BGMoMs Annual Picnic! June 22, 2010

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Hey everyone! Don’t forget, Sunday, June 27 at 2 pm we are having our first BGMoMs Annual Summer Picnic!

BGMoMs will provide the meat.

Can you bring a side and/or dessert?

We need a head count for food buying, so RSVP at OR look for the event on Facebook. We’d love to know how many of your crew are coming!


I’ve found it! The perfect bib! June 21, 2010

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Product Review: bumkins Waterproof Bibs

Eureka!  I finally found it…the perfect bib!

I hesitate to think how much money we’ve invested in bibs over the past year and a half.  Our collection naturally began with the cutest little bibs with the sweetest little sayings.  Those bibs were OK for the newborn days, when a little spit-up was easy enough to launder.  When the girls began eating solids – and making colossal messes – I found myself on a quest for something more utilitarian.

For a couple of months I bought inexpensive terrycloth bibs with plastic backing.  I would wash them out immediately after a meal, and launder them the best I could.  I was usually able to get out most of the stains, but the plastic backing and the Velcro closure were not very durable.  I probably bought a new set of bibs once a month to replace the ones that had worn out.

I finally invested in a couple of vinyl bibs that have a snap closure and wipe clean…problem solved, right?  Well, not exactly.  The bibs have a fabric binding that inevitably gets soiled, and the bibs are not supposed to be machine-washed.  I tried soaking them in soapy water, but I never felt like they were completely clean.

A few weeks ago, I found what may just be the PERFECT bib…the Waterproof Bib from bumkins finer baby products.  It is 100% polyester (including the binding) and can be wiped clean.  The real beauty is that it can also be machine-washed.  It must be hung to dry, but the material is relatively thin, so it dries easily overnight.  The thin material is also less cumbersome – and I would assume more comfortable – than the vinyl bibs.  The bibs have a Velcro closure, which so far has held up very well.

I have invested in three sets of the bumkins bibs.  I’m hoping that’s the last such investment I’ll have to make!



Mark Your Calendars! June 7, 2010

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Hey BGMoMs!

We’ve had an exciting and fun first few months (now there’s a tongue twister!) as BGMoMs has OFFICIALLY launched! Thanks so much for your support and participation as we connect with other MoMs in our area!

Be sure to mark your calendars for Sunday, June 27 at 2 pm.  We will be have our First Annual BGMoMs Summer Picnic!  It’s sure to be a blast as we finally get our families together after talking about them for so long!

It will be at HP Thomas (aka Bark Park) in the back of Shawnee Estates on Smallhouse Road (there is also an entrance off Cave Mill Road near Lost River Cave).  Bring your man, your kiddos, and a side or dessert and let’s have a relaxed time together!


Have Babies, Will Travel…

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…at least across town!

Our May meeting was a fun one, filled with thoughts of relaxing vacations and exciting adventures.  A little online research, combined with input from our member MoMs, yielded a great list of kid-friendly destinations within a three-hour driving radius.  We also talked about things to do right here in our own backyard.

Louisville, Kentucky: 114 miles from Bowling Green

  • Slugger Museum
  • Falls of the Ohio
  • Louisville Science Center
  • Belle of Louisville
  • Louisville Zoo

Lexington, Kentucky: 152 miles from Bowling Green

  • Kentucky Horse Park
  • Explorium Children’s Museum of Lexington
  • Aviation Museum
  • Thoroughbred Heritage Horse Farm
  • Arboretum State Botantical Park of Kentucky

Evansville, Indiana: 111 miles from Bowling Green

  • Koch Family Children’s Museum
  • Mesker Park Zoo and Botanical Garden
  • Angel Mounds
  • LST 325 WWII Landing Ship and Tank

Memphis, Tennessee: 275 miles from Bowling Green

  • The Children’s Museum of Memphis
  • Memphis Zoo
  • Memphis Pink Palace: Natural history, science and cultural museum; IMAX; Sharpe Planetarium
  • Fire Museum of Memphis
  • The Peabody Ducks

Nashville, Tennessee: 65 miles from Bowling Green

  • Adventure Science Center
  • Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art
  • A Cowboy Town and Meadowlark Lodge
  • Nashville Zoo at Grassmere
  • Wave Country

Chattanooga, Tennessee: 195 miles from Bowling Green

  • Tennessee Aquarium and IMAX
  • Creative Discovery Museum
  • Chattanooga Choo-Choo
  • Chattanooga Zoo
  • Lookout Mountain: Rock City Gardens; Ruby Falls; Incline Railway

Huntsville, Alabama: 175 miles from Bowling Green

  • EarlyWorks Complex: Children’s Museum; Constitutional Village; Historic Huntsville Depot
  • U.S. Space and Rocket Center
  • SciQuest Science Center
  • Huntsville Botanical Garden (“Tremendous Treehouses” exhibit open through September ‘10)

Nearby State and National Parks

  • Mammoth Cave
  • Barren River State Park
  • Stephen Foster the Musical / My Old Kentucky Home State Park, Bardstown
  • Land Between the Lakes
  • Patti’s Settlement, Grand Rivers
  • Natural Bridge State Park Resort, Slade

In Bowling Green

  • Russell Sims Water Park
  • Beech Bend Park and Splash Lagoon
  • National Corvette Museum and Corvette Plant Tours
  • Kentucky Library and Museum
  • Bowling Green Hot Rods
  • BRIMS: Barren River Imaginative Museum of Science (most appropriate for children over 6)
  • Historic Rail Park
  • Chaney’s Dairy Barn
  • Lost River Cave and Butterfly Habitat
  • Fountain Square and Circus Square / Concert in the Park Series
  • Basil Griffin Park
  • Aviation Park
  • Western Kentucky University Farm
  • Jackson’s Orchard
  • Public Library / Toddler Time
  • Barnes & Noble / Story Time

Around Bowling Green

  • Franklin Drive-In
  • Octagon Hall, Franklin
  • Shaker Museum, Auburn
  • Dinosaur World, Cave City
  • Kentucky Down Under, Horse Cave

Check out the cities’ Convention and Visitors’ Bureau websites for links to these and other attractions.  Check the attractions’ websites for coupons and special packages.  Many of these destinations offer free / reduced prices for children under a certain age.

We look forward to hearing about everyone’s summer adventures!  Be sure to take pictures so we can get a glimpse of your family’s fun!