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Making the Holidays Special for Each and Every One… December 14, 2010

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At 23 months old, our girls don’t yet “get” Christmas. 

Sure, they’re enjoying the sights (Christmas lights and reindeer figurines)…the sounds (can you say, “North Pole Radio”???)…and the tastes (I can’t make Oreo balls without giving them a little taste, now can I?).

And on Christmas morning I’m sure they’ll enjoy ripping open some presents and playing with a few new toys…or probably, more accurately, with the boxes.

But they don’t know to anticipate the nearing of the holiday.

While I’m looking forward already to their third Christmas, when I’m sure they’ll be bursting with excitement, part of me may be relishing having another “bye” year…a year in which I don’t really have that much to figure out.

I love the idea that Jenny posted last year, about her B/G twins each having their own wrapping paper.  While I don’t think it matters so much for our girls this year, reading her post made me think about how I want to approach the holiday from an individuation standpoint.

This year our girls are getting a play kitchen and a kid-sized love seat…both gifts to share.  In their stockings they’ll have a couple of smaller gifts, like Weebles and stacking blocks, which ultimately will be shared, as well.

At what point do children need to realize specific ownership of something (“this is my doll, and that is my sister’s doll”)?

What are your family’s traditions for making the holidays – or birthdays, for that matter – unique for each kiddo?

I would love to hear how you do things at your house.  And keep in mind I’m coming from the standpoint of an only child…I have no reference point!  HA!

Mandy, mom to fraternal twin girls, 23 months old


Flying Solo December 7, 2010

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I remember the first time my husband was going to be gone overnight after we became parents, leaving me alone with my then-4-month old twins.  I cried.  A lot.  But then again, I was still crying a lot those days.

He was gone again for one night when they were about 9 months old.  I think I cried again, but not nearly as much.

Then, right after their first birthday, he took a week-long graduate class.  He was gone from Monday morning to Friday night.  Things in twin-care-giver world were about a million times easier then, so I actually think I made it without crying.  Quite the monumental milestone for me.

A few weeks ago, my man left us for an 8 day mission trip to Africa.  We were so happy that he got that chance to go, it just meant a long week for me! Now that our “babies” are 22 months old, there are many things that are easier. But in the throes of toddler-hood it can be quite exhausting as well.

So the genius that I am (and I use that term sarcastically) I decided to travel to visit our parents 2 hours away.  My thinking was that then I would have some help, I could get a break, and I would have some adults to talk to.  I would say that everyone had fun but me.

Spencer and Kate were thrilled to be the objects of their grandparents’ affection (all 6 grandparents!) and loved playing with toys at their house – since it wasn’t the same ol’ toys it was like brand new stuff!

The problems started at night.  I don’t know what it was but my children slept awful.  I was up 5-6 times a night, usually resorting to one baby sleeping on me at some point throughout the night.  Then during the day, I was pulling them off of the non-baby proofed items throughout the house.  I felt like I was saying, “No! Don’t touch that! Get off that! Please stop! Obey Mama!” continuously throughout the weekend.  By Day 5, they were exhausted, I was exhausted, and I was more than ready to get home and detox before Daddy got back. What was I thinking, 5 days away from home?!

So detox time it was!  It took a full week before the whining and waking early had stopped.  Of course I was thankful we had the chance to visit family, but I do believe next time I will not be going alone!!  When Daddy leaves us, it is best for everyone Mama if we stay in our own element!

Jenny, mom to almost-two-year old B/G twins