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Flying Solo December 7, 2010

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I remember the first time my husband was going to be gone overnight after we became parents, leaving me alone with my then-4-month old twins.  I cried.  A lot.  But then again, I was still crying a lot those days.

He was gone again for one night when they were about 9 months old.  I think I cried again, but not nearly as much.

Then, right after their first birthday, he took a week-long graduate class.  He was gone from Monday morning to Friday night.  Things in twin-care-giver world were about a million times easier then, so I actually think I made it without crying.  Quite the monumental milestone for me.

A few weeks ago, my man left us for an 8 day mission trip to Africa.  We were so happy that he got that chance to go, it just meant a long week for me! Now that our “babies” are 22 months old, there are many things that are easier. But in the throes of toddler-hood it can be quite exhausting as well.

So the genius that I am (and I use that term sarcastically) I decided to travel to visit our parents 2 hours away.  My thinking was that then I would have some help, I could get a break, and I would have some adults to talk to.  I would say that everyone had fun but me.

Spencer and Kate were thrilled to be the objects of their grandparents’ affection (all 6 grandparents!) and loved playing with toys at their house – since it wasn’t the same ol’ toys it was like brand new stuff!

The problems started at night.  I don’t know what it was but my children slept awful.  I was up 5-6 times a night, usually resorting to one baby sleeping on me at some point throughout the night.  Then during the day, I was pulling them off of the non-baby proofed items throughout the house.  I felt like I was saying, “No! Don’t touch that! Get off that! Please stop! Obey Mama!” continuously throughout the weekend.  By Day 5, they were exhausted, I was exhausted, and I was more than ready to get home and detox before Daddy got back. What was I thinking, 5 days away from home?!

So detox time it was!  It took a full week before the whining and waking early had stopped.  Of course I was thankful we had the chance to visit family, but I do believe next time I will not be going alone!!  When Daddy leaves us, it is best for everyone Mama if we stay in our own element!

Jenny, mom to almost-two-year old B/G twins


One Response to “Flying Solo”

  1. I impressed! It’s never easy to have the kids all-day-and-night-long. But visiting someone else’s home? Wow. You have my great respect!

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