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Preparing for Twins…AGAIN! January 31, 2011

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When my husband and I started the international adoption process last year, our twins were 15 months old.  We applied for approval for one baby (because one would seem easy after twins!) or twins, if they were available (because let’s admit it, that would be cool to have two sets of twins!)

Our agency informed us that they had only seen one set of twins pass through their agency in 30 years so we shouldn’t hold our breath.

Well, fast forward nine months, and our adoption journey has taken a different direction than we anticipated.  We have connected with a local family who is due to give birth to boy/girl twins any day and they have agreed to allow us to be the adoptive family! We are thrilled!

With about a month to prepare for our new arrivals, we definitely kicked it into high gear as far as baby stuff goes.  Moving our now 2 year olds to twins beds, weeding through their baby stuff (we didn’t get rid of anything), and having a much better idea of what you actually need for two babies.  As opposed to last time, when about to give birth to twins as our first children, we had no clue what we actually needed.

What we are doing differently this time around:

  • No cutesy bedding: I ended up hating the crib bumpers with our first set of crib bedding, and the sheet did not fit the mattress at all.  I had to buy bedding stuff ala carte, then was frustrated that we spent $150 each (so $300 total!) on ultimately crib skirts – the only part of the original super cute, coordinating bedding we used.


  • More newborn clothes, and even some preemie stuff: I didn’t have any of that when our first set of twins were born.  Everyone said their babies were born and pretty much went straight into 0-3 months…not my 5 pound babies! My mother in law had to buy a few preemie outfits so they would have something to wear.  Now I am better prepared: going home outfits are in preemie size!


  • Essentials: bottle brushes, gas drops, many swaddles (I know which kind I like now!), hand sanitizer for guests


  • Food: I took a day last week and stocked our freezer with a month’s worth of food! I remember after S & K were born, I was too tired to cook! Whenever our friends and family stopped feeding us we ate out all the time, which wasn’t good for our wallets or waistlines. Hopefully being prepared on front end will help with this.


  • Positive attitude: Synchronized schedules will save my sanity.  Sleep training is worth it.  I can’t do it all, so accept help.  It will get easier.  I will sleep one day again.  If I blink, they will be 2. The days are long, but the years are short.  People will think I am either crazy or SuperMom – neither of which are true.

All these are lessons I learned through experience with the first set. I feel like it has better prepared me this time around because it’s not someone telling me – I have lived it before!

As we await to meet our babies literally any day now, I still can’t believe we are about to venture into the crazy world of newborn twins.  This time, though, throw a couple of 2 year olds in the mix and you’ve got yourself a party!

Jenny, mom to 2-year old boy/girl twins…and soon-to-be newborn boy/girl twins, too!


The Minivan Effect January 24, 2011

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At age 33, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever feel like a grown-up. Graduated from college? Check. Married? Check. Career? Check. Kids? Yep, even those (two of them to be exact). Still didn’t do it. I felt busy (overwhelmed to be more precise), making strides towards adulthood, but still not a grown up.

When I was 22, I graduated from college and bought my first car. Ohhh, it was sooooo CUTE. A little red Cougar. Even had a sun roof. When people saw me in that car, they would say the car looked like it fit me. It was perfect. Completely impractical, but perfect. That car sped me around Indianapolis, Minneapolis, around Phoenix, Nevada and California and yes even here in Kentucky. By the time it got here to Kentucky, the paint wasn’t as shiny, it had cost me thousands in tires, the sun roof didn’t work anymore,  but hey it was my first car and I still pictured myself in it (I must admit I was pining for something newer but budgets and practicality had set in).

Then came the twins. An instant family to say the least. The two of us became four. And the other two came with very large carseats. A two-door hatchback was even more impractical…still cute, but impractical. Especially considering our other car was a Prius; not exactly a car built for camping, romping around and five hour car trips with twin boys. I’m afraid growing up was finally here.

I can’t say that I ever dreamed about a minivan, but the reality with twins or more is that comfort outweighs cuteness (for a while at least). So, gone was the Cougar and we welcomed with open arms the Sienna.  I can’t say that I don’t still wish for a little bit of the “old” me- in something cute and tiny and red, but that will have to wait until I’m a grown up… and in retirement.


Demara, mom to 15-month old fraternal twin boys


January Meeting Recap: Financial Planning January 17, 2011

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Kevin Briggs, a financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial, joined us for our January focus on finances.  Kevin discussed saving for college, specifically with multiple children in mind.

Kevin approached the subject very practically.  He spoke to a number of options families have to save for college, including 529 plans, Coverdell ESAs, U.S. savings bonds, and custodial accounts.

He also talked about ways to decrease college costs, including earning college credit while in high school, and taking core courses through a community college.

Kevin spoke to the Higher Education Opportunity Act, which was passed in August 2008, designed to improve college affordability and access.  Highlights of the Act include simpler financial aid application; several expanded financial aid programs, such as Pell Grants and work study programs; reduced textbook costs; and expanded definitions for loan forgiveness.

Ultimately, though, Kevin encouraged everyone that – despite the changing college landscape and the rising costs of tuition – we will all be able to find a way to pay for our children’s education.

Kevin also shared his view that the best way to prepare for sending our children to college – especially for those of us who are not able to set aside savings at this time – is to be in a position to devote financial resources to our children when they graduate high school.  In other words, pay down the debt that is currently in front of you (like your mortgage) so that you will be able to focus on college costs when they arise.

Thank you so much to Kevin Briggs for joining us yesterday!  Kevin’s financial services practice is located at 996 Wilkinson Trace, Suite A-3, Bowling Green, Kentucky 42103.  Phone: 270-782-9824.  Email


Do You Color-Code Your Children? January 10, 2011

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I occasionally read a blog written by the mother of three-year old identical triplet boys.  In every picture, whether it be a point-and-shoot snapshot or a professional job, one boy is wearing red, one blue, and one green.

I have seen her comment that part of the reason she does it is to help people know which boy is which, to keep the boys from constantly having to remind people of their names.  I also imagine it gives the boys a sense of possession, one boy knowing the red shirt or cup or bike is uniquely “his”, not to be shared with his brothers.

Our girls are fraternal – “very” fraternal, I like to say – so there’s no trouble telling them apart.  (If anything, they themselves are “color coded”, one having blue eyes, and one brown!) 

Even so, I have found myself using colors to distinguish certain belongings of theirs.  Baby B (with the blue eyes) always gets the blue cup and the blue toothbrush, for example.  Day to day, the girls wear any and every color, but in professional pictures, Baby B is often dressed in blue (to match her eyes), and Baby A will wear pink.

I know I am only imparting a fraction of the “color coding” method that the triplet mom uses, but still, I second-guess myself sometimes. 

What if Baby A grows up to love the color blue…she looks back through our picture albums and can’t understand why she never had the blue cup, or wore the blue dress?  In the middle of their pre-teen angst, what if the girls somehow associate the pink dress as being the “pretty” one, and Baby B feels scorned that she never wore it?

…or maybe I’m over-thinking again…

Do you use any method of “color coding” with your multiples?


Mandy, mother of two-year old fraternal twin girls


Looking Forward to 2011! January 3, 2011

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Wow…2011 already!!!  I love the start of a new year and all the promises it holds.  I have a fresh list of to-do’s, as well as the goals I hope to accomplish this year. 

Among many other things, I’m looking forward to the second year of our BGMoMs group!  We will continue to meet at the Medical Center on Sundays from 2:00 – 3:00.  Meetings will be held on the third Sunday of each month. 

The 2011 meeting schedule is as follows:

January 16

February 20

March 20

April 17

May 15

June – family social, TBD

July – no meeting

August 21

September 18

October 16

November – family social, TBD

December – no meeting

The meeting dates have been set up on the Facebook Group page, and we’ll send an email reminder ahead of each meeting with details on the topic.

I hope I speak for all of us when I say how thankful I am to be part of such a great group of moms…MoMs who really “get” what this crazy, wonderful world of multiples is all about.  Here’s to many more shared adventures!