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Product Review: Table Top High Chairs March 28, 2011

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As any twin parent will tell you, actually as any parent of toddlers will tell you, eating out is a challenge.

There is the schematics of getting a table, maybe waiting in line,  getting an appetizer (because you know that the kids have eaten especially crappy that day and are STARVING), finding something on the menu that they will eat, finding something on the menu that you will eat…and then there is the ever-elusive high chair.

This is especially complicated with twins because some restaurants are not particularly savvy about stocking or cleaning their high-chairs. You have TWO kids (God help those of you who have more), sometimes that is the entire stock at the restaurant. Then there are the problems that high chairs create. My boys are small, so it can be hard to get them strapped into them. They also like to push the table away with their feet, so you are constantly trying to make sure that they are not grabbing the decorative candle (if you have the high chair pushed close to the table) or pushing themselves over like falling timber (if you have them pushed away from the table).

So enter the Fast Table Chair, otherwise known as a table top high chair, by Inglesina (less than $40 through These are an absolute ‘must-have’ in my book. They are flat, portable, light (you can carry one and your baby without breaking your arm), WASHABLE, secure, need I go on? Oh, and they have a storage pocket in the back for bibs, snacks, silverware, toys, whatever else you need to survive your endeavor. There are other brands available, but this one is very high quality and I am confident will carry me through my twins and any other child who may come along. It holds children up to 37 pounds and attaches to most tables.

“So?” You are thinking, “I am fine with the free high chairs available at the restaurant.” Well, what about at Grandparents? A picnic table? Traveling? When the restaurant is out of high chairs? All scenarios could be improved with the use of this chair.

Now, let me be honest, there are a couple of drawbacks. Just so that you are forewarned. DO NOT put both your children on the same side of the table unless it is bolted down (I know you are thinking, ‘well duh,’ but hey when you are in a hurry with fussy kids, you may not think about it).  The chairs do take some time to open and close. If the table is really wide, it takes a few minutes to open the chair handles, so on average it will take you about 2-5 minutes before you can get your child into the chair. There is a gap between the child and the table. It is a lovely place to throw food, so you may want to cover your child’s lap, or at least not wear the white pant outfits that Grandma gave you.

Since purchasing the chairs for my boys, I have taken one to every baby shower I have been invited to and trust me, every time you are out people will ask, “Where did you get that?” It is highly worth its cost and my boys love to be part of the dinner action!

Demara, mom to 17-month old twin boys


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