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Tattletales April 11, 2011

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“No, no, Sissy!”

Those words never fail to get my attention and prompt me to drop whatever I’m doing, hurdle the baby gate, and see what is going on.

These days, it’s usually Baby B, alerting me that Baby A is doing something she’s not supposed to do.  She might be bending a page in a book, or trying to wedge herself behind the entertainment center, but Baby B is usually right that there’s some type of infraction in progress.

While on one hand I appreciate Mini-Me providing a second set of eyes when I’m loading the dishwasher in the adjacent room, I am a little conflicted about her tattletale behavior.

I don’t correct either of the girls in a “she-said, she-said” situation, but if I catch someone in the act, or if there is indisputable physical evidence, then I do take corrective action.

But I don’t want to encourage Baby B to be a know-it-all.  And I don’t want Baby A to begin to resent her sister for getting her in trouble…and maybe even retaliate at some point?

I know this isn’t just a “multiples” issue; I’m sure it happens when there is more than one child in the house…but as an only child, I find myself being pretty perplexed.

How do you handle tattletales in your house?  Has one child consistently been the tattler, or have your children switched up…so what goes around will eventually come around?

Caught-in-the-Middle Mama (a.k.a. Mandy, mom to 27-month old fraternal twin girls)


One Response to “Tattletales”

  1. It’s still a problem in my house and my kids are teens! Here’s a great link that discusses the “why” and “how” of tattling. Maybe it will help.

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