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The Allure of an Adult-Sized Fork August 29, 2011

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I think that my boys think that I am a super model.

Why?” you may ask. Is it my svelte 5’10” willowy frame? My gorgeous long blonde hair? The plague of the paparazzi outside our front door? Well, could be, IF I had any of those things.

I rarely eat in front of my children. “Oh, no!” you gasp. “What kind of mother is this? Does she not know the value of sharing a mean with her family? Does she not know the oodles of research that support the decline of childhood obesity when families eat together? Or that families who share a meal have better communication and fewer arguments? Someone call child protective services!!

OK, OK. You’re right I do know all that, but here’s my problem.

I never get to eat in front of my children.

My boys are currently 22 months and while I would not label them as picky, getting them to eat can be tricky. I consider it a huge triumph if we all eat the same dinner.

Now, having said that, that doesn’t mean that my children actually eat from their own plates. There is something mystic about eating from Mommy and Daddy’s plate. The flavors MUST be fuller, the textures more inviting when coming from that magical adult size fork, even when they have the exact same thing on their plate.

My boys are also not small eaters, so I because of this I do not get much of what I prepare for myself. This has been a blessing and a curse. Because my plate is soooo fascinating; unbeknownst to them they  are connoisseurs of eggplant, salmon, feta, cucumbers, olives, zucchini and many other things that never fail to shock me,  but put that stuff on their plates and forget it.

Strangely enough, I won’t eat off of their plates. Mostly because I do not know if I am full. “Did you eat all that or did I?” I would hate for them to be hungry. So maybe there really is something bewitching about my plate and fork???

Is this a problem? Or should I just take up eating pickled herring (I’m pretty sure we would ALL lose weight if I did that)?

Demara, mom to 22-month old fraternal twin boys


August Meeting Recap: Scrapbooking August 22, 2011

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We had such a fun meeting yesterday to kick off our fall schedule!

Our topic of discussion was scrapbooking and preserving memories.  Nancy Brown, a lady who is passionate about her scrapbooking…and about making it easy and fun…joined us for the meeting.

Nancy helped us “get our craft on” by leading us in each making a scrapbook page / ‘fridge hanging.  I know I felt a bit like a kid again myself…surrounded by glue and scissors and pretty paper and ribbons and buttons…chatting it up with some fellow MoMs.  🙂

Nancy shared with us several organizational tips for scrapbooking…

  • Organize your pictures by date and/or by event or holiday…a shoe box or recipe card folder are great for filing your pictures
  • Pick up supplies on the cheap at Mighty Dollar, Big Lots, Tuesday Morning…and check Hobby Lobby for great weekly sales and online coupons
  • You can work within a small space if you organize your paper by color / pattern; and keep your tools and embellishments together in some type of caddy — a tackle box works great!

Nancy outlined the following as basic scrapbooking supplies…

  • Album, or medium you’re working with (cards, wall hanging, etc.)
  • Paper
  • Pens and markers
  • Adhesives — glue sticks and glue dots cut down on mess
  • Cutting tools — scissors and paper cutter
  • Stickers and embellishments — buttons, ribbons, yarn, brads

Nancy provided a list of some great resources for scrapbooking ideas and inspiration…

I think we all left the meeting feeling energized and inspired.  And of course it was great to hear about the highlights of each other’s summer!


How Do You Decide Who Goes First? August 15, 2011

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When I was pregnant with the girls, a random lady approached me in a restaurant…asked whether we were having a boy or a girl…ya-da, ya-da, ya-da…and ended up telling me about her neighbor who had twins.  (Don’t you always love that random “advice”?!)  She said that the lady always alternated who went first with whatever task, no matter who was screaming, and how loudly.  She said that, over everything else, the lady was determined to be “fair”.


I hadn’t exactly thought about which baby I’d load first in the car, but I nodded politely and filed that bit of information in the back of my mind.


When the girls were infants, I quickly decided that “fair” would have to be determined another way, as it was emotional survival for me to feed first whoever was screaming louder. (I figured Sister #2 must not have been as hungry.)  That system worked for us…I tried my best to respond individually to the girls’ needs, recognizing that sometimes meant her sister had to exercise a bit more patience.


Now as preschoolers, the girls aren’t screaming over who gets the first glass of milk (I’ve gotten pretty proficient at doling out food simultaneously), but – at least by the random lady’s neighbor’s definition – don’t always know if I’m being “fair”.


I almost always defer to Baby A to choose the color shirt she’s going to wear, as her sister is pretty easy-going in that department.


But I usually load Baby B in the car first, as she doesn’t like to be left alone in the house for the 45 seconds it takes to load her sister.


How does choosing shirt color relate to being the first one in the car?  I don’t know…but our girls don’t seem to fuss.


I’ve read about families with slightly older kids, who assign a day to each child…on Monday, Child A gets to sit in the favored chair and decide what’s for snack; Tuesday’s certain decisions belong to Child B; and Wednesday to Child C.


I’m not sure what challenges will arise as the girls get older, but I’m hoping they’ll continue to show Mama some grace, and that everything will ultimately even out over time.


Do you have a “method” for “fairness” at your house?


Potty Training, Multiple Times Over August 9, 2011

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Had you asked me two years ago how I planned to potty-train my twin girls, I would have said, “At the same time, of course!”  (I also had grand allusions of no more diapers by the girls’ second birthday, but that was just crazy thinking!  HA!)

I was caught completely by surprise when, at 26 months, Baby A asked to sit on the potty.  I went with the flow [no pun intended], and officially started “training” at 27 months…meaning (in my book) no more diapers.

At that time, Baby B had shown very little interest.

While the thought of getting the task of potty training over in one fell swoop was incredibly appealing, I felt like I had my hands full with Baby A, so I decided to let Baby B follow her own course.

Now, at 31 months, Baby A is doing great in her big girl undies, and Baby B seems to be showing some signs of readiness.  On one hand, I’ve been surprised that Baby B
hasn’t been more motivated by seeing the adorable underwear her sister gets to
wear every day…but it just underscores for me how different the girls are.

I’m glad I’ve been able to step back and let them do things at their own pace.  In our case, I think trying to force the girls on the same schedule would have made things a lot harder on all of us.

I learned very early on that there’s no “manual” for potty training.  🙂  What’s been your experience with potty training your multiples?  Did you do it at the same time?  Did different children require different motivation?  Was there any healthy competition at your house?

Mandy, mom to 2-1/2-year old fraternal twin girls