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Worst Baby Items September 26, 2011

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It’s not unusual to see blog posts or Facebook notes about “must have” baby items.  I certainly have my short list of things that I would not have wanted to live without, things that I’ve bought countless times over the past couple of years as baby gifts.


I don’t often see people talking about their least-favorite baby item, though…but that’s really just as important to share with expectant mamas, right?


We’ve been out of town a couple of times this summer, and I’ve done my share of grumbling over my least-favorite baby item – a bare bones pack-and-play.


We have a super nice pack-and-play that has served us extremely well.  We used it as a bassinet for the first couple of months after the girls were born; we used it to corral the girls when they were smaller; it served as our downstairs diaper-changing station for a long time; and it was the timeout spot until just recently.  It was pricey, but it’s definitely money well spent in my book.


We took our first overnight trip when the girls were three months old, a one-night stint to attend a funeral.  The girls slept together in the pack-and-play, but we knew that couldn’t continue for long.


For our second trip, when the girls were about eight months old, I bought a very inexpensive pack-and-play to serve as a second travel crib.


At less than $40, it seemed like a good buy for its intended purpose.  Boy, was I wrong!


There’s no way to describe it but “dinky”.  It’s incredibly lightweight, and the mattress fits very poorly.  Thank goodness we haven’t had to use it very often, because I cannot imagine it being comfortable for sleeping.


In hindsight, I wish I’d spent another $20 and gotten something better constructed, even knowing we would use it very seldom.


What is the worst baby item in your experience?


Mandy, mom to 2 1/2-year old fraternal twin girls


September Meeting Recap: Surviving Cold and Flu Season September 19, 2011

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Just in time for fall, Demara Goodrich, FNP-BC, led an excellent discussion on “Surviving Cold and Flu Season”.

While Demara acknowledged that it’s impossible to completely guard against getting sick, there are things we can do lessen our chances of illness.

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Wash your hands
  • No smoking, including avoiding second-hand smoke
  • Consider a multivitamin supplement
  • Get a flu vaccine

The flu vaccine is approved for children ages six months and up.  Demara discussed the differences in the flu shot (inactivated virus) and the nasal spray (activated virus), and which approach is appropriate for which populations.  She suggested that September and October are the best months in which to receive the flu vaccine.

Demara talked about the symptoms of a cold versus those of the flu.  A cold tends to progress more slowly, whereas the flu typically has a much quicker onset with a more pronounced fever.

In treating cold and flu symptoms, Demara stressed the importance of staying hydrated.  She also suggested the use of an ultrasonic humidifier would aid in moving congestion.

Demara presented the signs to watch for when fever is concerned.  These signs vary by the age of the child.  When administering medication, Demara reminded us that dosage is determined by a child’s weight, so it’s important to make sure you have a recent measurement (even on a home scale).  Aspirin should never be given to children.

Demara had several handouts at the meeting:

  • Ibuprofen dosage chart
  • Acetaminophen dosage chart
  • Summary of the recent formulation change in acetaminophen (new version is less concentrated, has a new measuring device, and new packaging)…make sure to use the measuring device that comes with the package; make sure to refer to the dosage instructions on the package for your child’s current weight
  • CDC publication on cold weather preparedness…preparing your home for winter and constructing a survival kit in case of loss of heat and/or electricity; preparing your car for winter; safety precautions to take indoors and outside

Thanks again to Demara for sharing such great information.  We’ll have extra copies of the presentation materials at the next meeting if anyone is interested.


Prepping Two for One More! September 13, 2011

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When my husband and I learned I was pregnant again, one of the first thoughts that went through our minds, other than joy, was preparing our 2 year old twin girls for the addition to the family.

Instantly I went into to research mode. I think I read every article online about prepping a child for a new addition and asked every one of my friends who had kids how they prepared their oldest for a new baby in the house.  The problem I ran into was almost all of the articles I found online were about introducing a singleton to their new twin brother/sisters, not the opposite way around.

Then I figured prepping the girls for a new baby shouldn’t be that much different than if we only had one child, in fact I thought it might just be a little easier because the girls have each other, a true best friend, a playmate.  During the day they keep each other pretty occupied and the bond they share is irreplaceable, but I also knew they have been our entire world for over two years and we needed them to know they are still just as special to mommy and daddy as they were the day they were born.

The one thing I read over and over and was told by multiple friends was to allow the girls to be involved in the preparation for the new baby. As soon as the doctor confirmed my pregnancy we began talking to the girls about the changes that were going to be happening in our family, we told them they would be having a new brother or sister in the coming months. Granted 2 year olds do not have a since of time outside their immediate future, but we kept reiterating this would happen well into the future.

We bought each girl a new baby doll, one that came with a little crib, stroller, that you could change the diaper, could feed and would occasionally cry.  With this baby doll we began showing them how to gently take care of the baby and to not cry when the baby cries.  The girls caught on fast.

Once we found out the girls would be having a new brother we began telling the girls mommy had their baby brother in her tummy, he was just like their sister except he will be a boy and a lot smaller than them when he comes home.  We have had the girls calling their brother by his name, Kaleb, in hopes that it would make it more real for them.  We also look at books and magazines that have babies in them with the girls so that they can see pictures of babies and how small they are.

A big test for us and the girls was when we went to a friends birthday party, there were two 3 month olds there, so we got to see how the girls would interact with a small baby.  To our proud eyes we saw our little girls acting very much like big girls.  When I got the opportunity to feed one of the babies to give one of the parents a chance to take a break and enjoy the party, the girls sat next to me pointing out that mommy was holding the baby and we needed to be gentle.

I was also very proud to see that the girls didn’t get jealous seeing mommy or daddy holding a baby.  Now I know that it will be totally different when we bring their brother home, but it was good to know that what we had talked about with the girls really sunk in with them.

Katie loves all of her baby dolls and has very much a motherly way about her, maybe that is because she is 47 minutes older than her sister Kristin, whose motherly ways come and go. Katie shows signs she already loves her brother, she rubs my belly, talks to her brother and gives my belly kisses every night at bed time.  When I have my doctor appointments Katie enthusiastically announces that I am going to the baby doctor to bring her back pictures of Kaleb.  Kristin’s love for her brother comes and goes, as to be expected, she is excited when I bring home ultrasound pictures or when we set up the nursery, but on the average day Kristin is more concerned about dancing and coloring.

The closer to the arrival of Kaleb comes, I am noticing the more the girls are grasping the concept they will have baby brother soon.  Lately, Katie has been asking for her brother to sit with her on the couch while she flips through a book and is slightly disappointed when I tell her, Kaleb isn’t ready to come out and play yet.  I am sure there will be some jealous moments with the girls when Kaleb arrives, but I can only hope that us having involved the girls in the preparation for the baby has help them understand they are still mommy and daddy’s precious girls and we will always love them.

I know the Medical Center offers a class for the older siblings starting at the age of 3, I am still considering calling to see if we can bring in the girls even though they are a few months shy of 3, to help them and us even more in the transition form two precious angels to three!

Bethane’, mom to 2 1/2-year old identical twin girls


Welcome Fall, Y’all! September 6, 2011

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The unofficial end of summer this weekend really brought a feeling of fall with it, huh?  I’m glad I had bought a couple of long-sleeved shirts for the girls…I think we’re gonna need them this week!

This crisp, cool weather suddenly has me in the mood for lots of fall festivities (and a big pot of chili, but that’s another story…)!

In Bowling Green, there are several things I think are pretty iconic to the fall season…

  • A trip to Jackson’s Orchard.  Starting September 24 and running every weekend through the end of October, there’s so much family fun…the pumpkin patch, wagon rides, the corn maze, a petting zoo, pony rides, face painting, and lots of yummy food, of course!
  • A trip to Chaney’s Dairy Barn.  Through October 31, there’s a great corn maze, and of course the most a-MAZE-ing ice cream in the area.
  • Balloons, Tunes, and BBQ Festival.  September 8 – 11 at the Regional Airport…enjoy great music, food, carnival rides, inflatables, and of course – hot air balloons!
  • The Bowling Green International Festival.  September 24 at Circus Square Park…enjoy music, arts and crafts, cultural displays, and food from all over the world.  Plenty of kids’ activities, too!

These are the biggies on our to-do list over the next few weeks.

What are you favorite fall activities?

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