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Product Review: “OK to Wake!” Clock February 28, 2012

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Since our girls started sleeping through the night, until they were about 18 months old, I could usually count on them waking up around 6:45 in the morning.  And then, when they dropped to one nap during the day, they began sleeping until about 7:30.  Those were the days!

When we began potty training, around 27 months, though, we experienced a drastic change in the girls’ morning routines.  I appreciated that they woke to use the potty…but there were some painfully early starts to our days for quite some time.

I recently discovered a wonderful gadget that has made a huge difference in our morning routines, the “OK to Wake!” clock.  [There are several iterations of these in clocks and stuffed toys…just search “OK to wake”.]

I set the clock to 6:30, at which time it glows green.  I tell the girls, if you wake up and the clock isn’t green, you can roll over and go back to sleep.

There are times when I hear them stirring shortly after 6:00, but they don’t usually call for me until 6:30…on the dot…and then I hear, “Mommy!  The clock is green!  I slept well!

There are times that they wake up early, sometimes needing to sit on the potty.  After they use the bathroom, it’s been great to have an “impartial party” — the clock — to cite.  “The clock isn’t green.  It’s still sleep time,” I’ll tell the girls.  On all but maybe one occasion, they’ve accepted that they need to go back to bed.

I was worried that the clock would somehow wake them up in the mornings.  Its glow isn’t so bright that it disturbs them, though, and a handful of times they’ve slept an extra 15 or 20 minutes.  The green glow lasts for 30 minutes, so they still get to call out to me when they wake up (which they get a big kick out of).

I would love to one day get back to our blessed 7:30 rise and shine…but for now, I’m so thankful to at least have a consistent wake-up time.

What gadgets make your life a little easier?

Mandy, mom to three-year old fraternal twin girls


Mini Me February 20, 2012

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No, no, Baby.  Hands off!

Here, Baby, let me help you.

Yes, Baby, you’re right!


If ever there is a moment’s lapse in my response to Baby A, my Baby B almost always jumps into the “mommy” role.  And when she does, she calls her sister “Baby“.


I consider my girls to be pretty equal.  Each has her strengths and challenges, but there don’t seem to be any major developmental differences in them.


It’s not that Baby B is necessarily more adept at certain tasks; or that she follows all the rules and Baby A is the only one to ever step out of line…but Baby B loves to play the “mini mommy” to her “older” (by two minutes) sister.


Baby A doesn’t seem to mind.  She doesn’t necessarily respond to her sister, but she doesn’t act out to establish she’s not the “baby” as her sister has characterized her.


And I haven’t really done anything to discourage B from referring to her sister in this manner.  In other instances, I work hard to make sure one doesn’t answer for the other.  I try to encourage them to each have their own opinions, for example, but this feels to me like a different scenario…maybe because A doesn’t respond to B.


Do you have a miniature parent at your house?  How do you handle it?


Mandy, mom to three-year old fraternal twin girls


A Valentine’s Day Celebration of Friendship February 16, 2012

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A big thanks for the big turnout at our first-ever Valentine’s Day party this weekend!


I saw this post on Facebook last week, a note an acquaintance received from her child’s school, about their planned Valentine’s Day celebrations…


This Tuesday will be the start of a special week in our class called Friendship Week. Friendship Week begins the week before Valentine’s Day and ends with our Valentine’s Day celebration. It is a recasting of a holiday about romantic love into one that focuses on friendship and on belonging. Friendship Week gives us the time to delve deeply into what is involved in having friends and being a friend, and to practice the skills of friendship in a fun and conscious way. Instead of hearts and flowers, we will be focusing on compliments, appreciations, and acts of kindness and generosity.”


I couldn’t help but think of this as we snacked, read, crafted, played…and just hung out together on Saturday…celebrating our friendships, those of our children, and the unique sense of belonging to our unique community.


Hope everyone had a great time, and we look forward to many more get-togethers!


Toys with Multiple Magic February 6, 2012

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Before our girls were born, I wouldn’t have anticipated there to be a “multiples” component in toy purchases, but – having now-three-year old twins – I think there is.

As an example, when we were shopping last year for a play kitchen, a fellow mama of twins advised me to get a bigger one, such that two children could play at once.  That was a great piece of advice…our girls still love their kitchen…one can be cooking and the other can be washing dishes.  (And that reminds me how helpful it would be to have a clone, but I digress.)

This past Christmas, we bought our girls a train set, and there again, it’s big enough for them both to play…one of them organizing trains in the depot, another seeing how many cars she can string together and still negotiate the bridge.

Another toy that seems worth its weight in gold so far is the large magnetic drawing pads, and we have two of those.  The girls got a (single) doctor kit, and they’ve had a blast playing doctor and patient, alternating roles.

A year or so in to really engaged play, I guess we go big (physically) on big, shared gifts.  And for many of our smaller toys, we have duplicates.

Somehow, it’s already been six weeks since Christmas…I think it’s always great to hear from other mamas what toys are really worth the money…

What toys are standing the test of time at your house?

Do your kiddos share, or do you have duplicates of toys?

Are there any single toys you received that you’ve since bought another (duplicate)?

For you moms of older kiddos, has this dynamic changed over time?

Mandy, mom to three-year old fraternal twin girls