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Double the Mess? April 23, 2012

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I’m guessing most of us wince at least a little bit at the phrase, “Double trouble!”  If we each had a nickel for every time we’ve heard it, we’d probably all have a decent start on our kiddos’ college funds, right?


I don’t like to think of my girls as “double trouble”…”Double blessings!” I’ll occasionally retort. 


But I have decided that having twins does surely equate to “double the mess”.


In theory, I’d like to establish the rule at our house that you get out one toy at a time…whatever you want to play with…and when you’re finished with that toy, you put it away before getting another from the shelf.


Maybe at three our girls just aren’t old enough for that concept…but I have a sneaking suspicion that there’s a “multiple” factor at play, too.


Baby A might choose to play with blocks.  Baby B might pull out the basket of foam numbers and letters.  Sounds manageable, right?


Well, before I know it, they’re often stacking blocks and foam in some sort of conglomeration…oh, and then they might add some play food and stir everything together in a big bucket with their gardening tools.


I like to let their imaginations run…and I think they often augment each others’ ideas to cook up even more elaborate schemes…


…but boy, does it often result in a mess!


Do you feel like you have exponential mess at your house? 

Any tips for keeping the day-to-day mess at bay, without hampering imaginative play? 

Or is this just part of it? 

And maybe multiples get more practice in clean-up and organization than their singleton counterparts?  (HA!)


Mandy, mom to three-year old fraternal twin girls