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Swinging into Picnic Mode! May 30, 2012

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To get everyone in the mood for this weekend’s picnic, I pulled some pictures from last year’s get-together…where has the time gone???

And if you want to travel farther down memory lane, here’s the link to the 2010 picnic pictures (HERE).

This Sunday marks our third BGMoMs picnic.  How fun it is to watch our kiddos grow…together.

Looking forward to another year of fellowship, food, and fun this Sunday!


Celebrating Mother’s Day May 8, 2012

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When I think about Mother’s Day,what usually pops into my mind are tv-inspired pictures of dads and kids bringing Mom breakfast in bed…fresh flowers on a tray next to a handmade card, Mom having slept in, of course.  Perhaps that is part of the Sunday celebration, Mom having spent the day on Saturday pampering herself at the spa.

Until my girls are old enough to actually orchestrate a craft project by themselves and at least pour some milk over cereal in a bowl, I don’t think I’ll be getting any part of this type of celebration, though.

Instead of lamenting, I keep thinking about a Father’s Day post I read last year from a fellow blogger — a stay-at-home dad to five kiddos, including B/G twins.

James got what I think is The Most Awesome Gift last year…the gift of time with each of his kiddos, individually.

Of course every day is really Mother’s Day (or Father’s Day, if you’re a dad)…and this idea stuck with me as a beautiful reminder of that.

James, who blogs at The Fall of James, was gracious enough to share his post for our blog.  I hope you find it as sweet and inspirational as I have.


My Father’s Day gift came on Saturday this year. (Sunday will be for the cards, cologne and cookouts.) The truly awesome gift I got, facilitated by one exceptional (and very pregnant) wife, was extra time spent with each of my kids, one on one.

Darwin and I kicked off the day with a trip downtown for breakfast at the farmers market. After that, Amelia and I hit the bookstore, went shopping for some newborn clothes for Baby Tiny and then took a park stroll. Next, I whisked Truman off to the library to read a dozen or so books and participate in weekend craft time. Lastly, Jameson and I hit the preeminent miniature golf course in southwest Ohio for a round of 18. All this with dinner waiting on the table when I got home.

Yeah, we ate sandwiches that were bigger than our heads.
There was no doubt that some of Amelia’s time with Dad would be spent outdoors.
I love you, Dad, but please STOP taking pictures.
Jameson’s second hole-in-one for the day.
If a statue is looking off into the distance,
you must take a picture of yourself imitating said statue.
No exceptions.

Road Trip Survival Tips May 1, 2012

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A couple of years ago, we centered our May meeting around travel.  Specifically, we talked about things to do within a ~3-hour driving radius of Bowling Green.  [LINK HERE]

It’s that time of year again, when many of us are probably thinking about taking in some new scenery, and looking forward to some family adventures.

But whether it’s a 3-hour drive, or a 13-hour one, there may be some of us (ahem) who aren’t necessarily looking forward to the time spent en route.

Thanks largely to Pinterest, as well as to a handful of adventurous moms I know, I’ve bookmarked what I think are some great road trip activities and tips.

There are lots of free printables, and most of these activities can be put together pretty easily, and inexpensively, too.  I know it will take some time to assemble, but I’m thinking the happy hum from the back seat will be well worth it to this mama.

  • Johanna recently drove 18 hours, round trip, with her almost-four-year old twins.  Here she details her secrets, including magnetic cards and games on a cookie sheet…magnetic dress-up (made with pictures of her own girls)…printable paper dolls…scavenger hunt cards…I Spy bags…road trip bingo. [LINK]
  • This site has a ton of great ideas, too…treasure map of your route, with “prizes” to be doled out along the way…uses for bubbles, balloons, and flashlights — yes, in the car!…aluminum foil and pipe cleaners used for sculptures…creative snacks that can be fun to play with, too. [LINK]
  • And for older kids, this site has 14 free printables…games and activities to spur conversation and practice reading and writing skills.  [LINK]
  • A great synopsis of classic road trip games…I remember playing these as a kid, long before the days of Pinterest!  [LINK]

Hope these sites serve as some great inspiration, and maybe make the thought of a car trip a little less daunting.


What are some of your tips and tricks for surviving a family road trip?