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It Takes a Village July 10, 2012

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When I found out I was having twins, the topic always brought up enlightening conversations with people.

God has a special place for people like you.” Yeah, it’s called still in bed at 6:31 a.m.

You’re going to be busy.” REALLY? I only thought I knew.

I wish I had twins!” REALLY?!?! Seriously…

All sarcasm set aside, what they did not tell me and what I did not realize is that I would get to see the kindness of humanity. These experiences have been exemplified by our experiences with “the terrible twos.”

For instance, the day when Twin A at age 2 1/2  would decide that laying down in the parking lot would be a great thing to do, especially since I was already carrying his brother. I hear a Mom of a 4 year old, “Could I carry him for you?” Ohh, yes. That would be better than me leaving him there.

Or what about when yet another tantrum struck and I had to leave Twin B with a cashier while I took Twin A out to the car to put him in the car seat (and yes I left him there for a minute while I ran in to get the one with the cashier- figured it was better than leaving him lie in the road). The cashier didn’t blink an eye and was smiling while she did it.

Or after a visit to Sam’s Club and I needed to take the cart back to the store and a new Mom of two (baby and two year old) said, “Can I take that for you? I know what it’s like when you’re trying to watch two by yourself.

Huh. That didn’t happen when I didn’t have children and although I can not speak from experience, I doubt it happens as much when you only have one child (or children of different ages) to take care of.

Now, I am positive it makes some of you gasp in horror that I do not have complete control of my children at any given time. The world can be a rough and terrible place.

But it is also a place of kindness and compassion. Sometimes you have to have faith in that.

I have a great love for my community. I think that people sometimes forget that we all start out as strangers. My parents started out as strangers, yours did too. They learned to love and accept each other.  It is by choice that we become a family and the process starts over.

We have been adopted by so many friends around us. We have been supported and loved through so much. I am proud to have this village help raise my children.


Demara, mom to 2 1/2-year old fraternal twin boys


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