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Not All Twins Are Identical July 31, 2012

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I always get a chuckle out of the “Are they identical?” question that is directed towards parents of boy/girl twins.  I’ve heard some pretty funny responses, and I’ve heard of random strangers being downright insistent that that’s a very legitimate question.

I’ve always joked that our twin girls are “very” fraternal.  And while I’ve never had to explain the gender differences between a boy and a girl, I still think a Public Service Announcement biology lesson on the topic of “One Egg versus Two” may be in order.

Lately it seems we’ve gotten tons of questions about the girls’ eye color.  Baby A’s eyes are deep brown, like her daddy’s, while Baby A has her mama’s bright blue peepers.  It’s not uncommon for people to comment, “WOW!  That’s AMAZING!


That’s INCREDIBLE!  What a blessing they have different color eyes!”  What?  So we can tell them apart???

I think people just “expect” twins to look alike.  They overlook Baby A’s olive skin, in comparison to her sister’s fair skin.  The 2″ height difference doesn’t seem to register.  But those eyes?  A freak of nature, or a stroke of AMAZING luck, apparently.  😉

What questions about your multiples make you chuckle (or drive you batty!)?

Mandy, mom to fraternal girl twins, age 3 1/2


One Response to “Not All Twins Are Identical”

  1. Allison Says:

    “Which was born first?” Often followed by, “He/she looks the oldest.” —Really?!? Our triplets are fraternal, and I’m sure that when they get a bit older all of the multiples comments will slow down, but if you know that they are multiples, how can one “look” older than the other?

    “Who helps you?” one. I can handle my 3 infants with only the occasional baby sitter for a date night with the hubby.

    “Do you ever get to sleep?” My response to that one is, “Do I look THAT exhausted?”

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