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Swinging into Picnic Mode! May 30, 2012

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To get everyone in the mood for this weekend’s picnic, I pulled some pictures from last year’s get-together…where has the time gone???

And if you want to travel farther down memory lane, here’s the link to the 2010 picnic pictures (HERE).

This Sunday marks our third BGMoMs picnic.  How fun it is to watch our kiddos grow…together.

Looking forward to another year of fellowship, food, and fun this Sunday!


Celebrating Mother’s Day May 8, 2012

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When I think about Mother’s Day,what usually pops into my mind are tv-inspired pictures of dads and kids bringing Mom breakfast in bed…fresh flowers on a tray next to a handmade card, Mom having slept in, of course.  Perhaps that is part of the Sunday celebration, Mom having spent the day on Saturday pampering herself at the spa.

Until my girls are old enough to actually orchestrate a craft project by themselves and at least pour some milk over cereal in a bowl, I don’t think I’ll be getting any part of this type of celebration, though.

Instead of lamenting, I keep thinking about a Father’s Day post I read last year from a fellow blogger — a stay-at-home dad to five kiddos, including B/G twins.

James got what I think is The Most Awesome Gift last year…the gift of time with each of his kiddos, individually.

Of course every day is really Mother’s Day (or Father’s Day, if you’re a dad)…and this idea stuck with me as a beautiful reminder of that.

James, who blogs at The Fall of James, was gracious enough to share his post for our blog.  I hope you find it as sweet and inspirational as I have.


My Father’s Day gift came on Saturday this year. (Sunday will be for the cards, cologne and cookouts.) The truly awesome gift I got, facilitated by one exceptional (and very pregnant) wife, was extra time spent with each of my kids, one on one.

Darwin and I kicked off the day with a trip downtown for breakfast at the farmers market. After that, Amelia and I hit the bookstore, went shopping for some newborn clothes for Baby Tiny and then took a park stroll. Next, I whisked Truman off to the library to read a dozen or so books and participate in weekend craft time. Lastly, Jameson and I hit the preeminent miniature golf course in southwest Ohio for a round of 18. All this with dinner waiting on the table when I got home.

Yeah, we ate sandwiches that were bigger than our heads.
There was no doubt that some of Amelia’s time with Dad would be spent outdoors.
I love you, Dad, but please STOP taking pictures.
Jameson’s second hole-in-one for the day.
If a statue is looking off into the distance,
you must take a picture of yourself imitating said statue.
No exceptions.

Road Trip Survival Tips May 1, 2012

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A couple of years ago, we centered our May meeting around travel.  Specifically, we talked about things to do within a ~3-hour driving radius of Bowling Green.  [LINK HERE]

It’s that time of year again, when many of us are probably thinking about taking in some new scenery, and looking forward to some family adventures.

But whether it’s a 3-hour drive, or a 13-hour one, there may be some of us (ahem) who aren’t necessarily looking forward to the time spent en route.

Thanks largely to Pinterest, as well as to a handful of adventurous moms I know, I’ve bookmarked what I think are some great road trip activities and tips.

There are lots of free printables, and most of these activities can be put together pretty easily, and inexpensively, too.  I know it will take some time to assemble, but I’m thinking the happy hum from the back seat will be well worth it to this mama.

  • Johanna recently drove 18 hours, round trip, with her almost-four-year old twins.  Here she details her secrets, including magnetic cards and games on a cookie sheet…magnetic dress-up (made with pictures of her own girls)…printable paper dolls…scavenger hunt cards…I Spy bags…road trip bingo. [LINK]
  • This site has a ton of great ideas, too…treasure map of your route, with “prizes” to be doled out along the way…uses for bubbles, balloons, and flashlights — yes, in the car!…aluminum foil and pipe cleaners used for sculptures…creative snacks that can be fun to play with, too. [LINK]
  • And for older kids, this site has 14 free printables…games and activities to spur conversation and practice reading and writing skills.  [LINK]
  • A great synopsis of classic road trip games…I remember playing these as a kid, long before the days of Pinterest!  [LINK]

Hope these sites serve as some great inspiration, and maybe make the thought of a car trip a little less daunting.


What are some of your tips and tricks for surviving a family road trip?


Double the Mess? April 23, 2012

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I’m guessing most of us wince at least a little bit at the phrase, “Double trouble!”  If we each had a nickel for every time we’ve heard it, we’d probably all have a decent start on our kiddos’ college funds, right?


I don’t like to think of my girls as “double trouble”…”Double blessings!” I’ll occasionally retort. 


But I have decided that having twins does surely equate to “double the mess”.


In theory, I’d like to establish the rule at our house that you get out one toy at a time…whatever you want to play with…and when you’re finished with that toy, you put it away before getting another from the shelf.


Maybe at three our girls just aren’t old enough for that concept…but I have a sneaking suspicion that there’s a “multiple” factor at play, too.


Baby A might choose to play with blocks.  Baby B might pull out the basket of foam numbers and letters.  Sounds manageable, right?


Well, before I know it, they’re often stacking blocks and foam in some sort of conglomeration…oh, and then they might add some play food and stir everything together in a big bucket with their gardening tools.


I like to let their imaginations run…and I think they often augment each others’ ideas to cook up even more elaborate schemes…


…but boy, does it often result in a mess!


Do you feel like you have exponential mess at your house? 

Any tips for keeping the day-to-day mess at bay, without hampering imaginative play? 

Or is this just part of it? 

And maybe multiples get more practice in clean-up and organization than their singleton counterparts?  (HA!)


Mandy, mom to three-year old fraternal twin girls


Games Kiddos Play March 27, 2012

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I always loved games when I was growing up…but as an only child, I had to wait on Mom or Dad, or the rare play date, to have someone to play with.


When we learned we were expecting twins, I know one of my early thoughts was how much fun our children would have playing together.  I remember specifically envisioning our wee ones playing games…how much fun it would be for them (and me!).


For our girls’ third birthday, they got a few games, among them, Candyland, my absolute favorite as a little kid.  I could hardly wait to play it with them.


A month or so in, I feel like I’m “paying for my raising”, having played countless games of Candyland already.  Our girls really enjoy it, but one is more likely to stay “on task” than the other…she diligently moves her gingerbread man per the rules.  After what seems like every card, she exclaims, “I’m almost to the castle!”  Her sister is more easily distracted, though.  She sometimes moves to the allotted space, but sometimes she’ll try to move to any “blue” square, even halfway across the board.


So…while games are starting to be a fixture at our house (Memory is the other favorite right now)…there is quite a bit of refereeing to be done.


Still…it’s exciting to see what I hope is the start of some great new play patterns for our girls, and for our family.


What games are favorites at your house?  At what age did your kiddos begin to play together?


Mandy, mom to three-year old fraternal twin girls


March Meeting Recap: Twin Panel Discussion March 19, 2012

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We were so pleased to host a twin panel discussion group for our March meeting.  Our panel consisted of 30-year old identical twin girls; and a mother with her 23-year old daughter, half of a boy/girl twin set.


We had an open, informal discussion, covering a lot of “standard” material…matching clothes, sharing rooms, classroom dynamics.


We also talked about topics such as discipline — recognizing that different techniques might work for different children; and allowing each child to pursue his/her own interests, at least after a certain age.


While much of today’s literature stresses the importance of focusing on individuality among multiples (sometimes to the point of being stressful!), I think we all walked away from the meeting feeling encouraged.  At least among our panelists, certainly there was talk about individuality and independence, but the respect for their twinship was also very evident.


I think it was really heartwarming to hear about the unique bond that these adults shared with their siblings.


A big thank you once again to our panelists for sharing your stories with us!


Managing the Time Change March 8, 2012

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As a mother of twins, my number one piece of advice to new MoMs is to get their babies on a schedule…the SAME schedule.It was that piece of advice that saved my sanity when the girls were infants, and I’ve continued to be very schedule-oriented since.

With the clock being so central to our lives, the thought of the time change twice a year sends my stomach into knots.  While I dread changing our clock every few months, [KNOCK ON WOOD!] our girls have always adjusted to the new time within a few days, and it’s never been quite as bad as I rehearsed in my mind.

I am posting an excerpt I read from a sleep specialist, as to how to manage your children’s schedules through the time change.




In the spring, the clock is moved forward an hour, so we lose an hour.  For the adult and teenager, this typically means losing an hour of sleep.  When we get up on Monday morning at 6am, we feel tired because  our internal clock says it is 5am.  It can take some individuals weeks to feel rested again in the morning.

Although the time change officially takes place on a Saturday night, for the child it actually begins the next evening on Sunday.  The parent should stick with the “old time” all day Sunday for the child’s nap.  Then on Sunday evening, the parent should move to the “new time”.

There is good news for the parents of young children who wake too early: often the younger child starts sleeping later in the morning.  For the child who has been going to bed at 7pm and rising at 6am, this is the perfect opportunity for the parent to change the child’s sleep schedule if a 7am rise time is desired.  The parent must be ready, however, right from the first night after the time change: The parent must consistently put the child to bed at 8pm, make the child’s room very dark, and add white noise to the room (if there is a significant noise in the home in the morning from others getting up).

When a child has been going to bed at 8pm and rising at 7am, he is likely to appear wide awake on Sunday night after the time change at 8pm because his internal clock says it is only 7pm.  The parent should consider allowing him to stay up until 8:45 – 9pm for 1 to 3 nights.  During this time, the parent may have to awaken the child in the morning between 7 and 7:30am if the parent wants the child to start going to bed at night again by 8pm.

Most children are back on schedule within 10 – 14 days if the parent is consistent.




Wishing us all a smooth transition over the next week!